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Tests are each of the "disasters" or events that can happen to a player or their plate during a game. They can also be queued by any player waiting for the next game at the Lab Hut. 'Total Tests' can be viewed on the stat card at the bottom right corner of our screen.

Current gear pool includes: Banana Peel, Fake Sword, Sword, Bear, Pepperoni Pizza, Bloxiade, Red Fidget Spinner, Gravity Coil, Dual Gravity Coil, and Regeneration Coil.

Lab Hut Disasters:

Plate Disasters: Cost: Description: Effects:
Desert 1 Turns the texture of the

targeted plate into sand.

Takes away ice effect
Disco 1 Makes the targeted plate texture

rapidly change colors.

Cactus 3 Summons a cactus on the

targeted plate.

Slowly deals damage

to players touching it.

Rain 7 Summons a rain cloud above the

targeted plate.

Can put out fires and stop

timer bombs.

Elevator 8 Causes the targeted plate to

temporarily move up or down

before returning.

Fire 10 Summons a fire on the

targeted plate.

Fire burns trees, bamboo and grass,

causing them to disappear.

Spike 10 Summons a spike on the

targeted plate.

The spike may be small but

deals a lot of damage.

Poison 13 Causes the targeted plate to

become poisonous.

Poison has a chance to not

hurt if stood still before the plate becomes poisonous.

Freeze 15 Causes the targeted plate to

become icy and slippery.

Mine 15 Summons a mine on the targeted plate that explodes after contact. Mines, unlike time bombs, deal

knockback through forcefields.

Bomb 25 Summons a time bomb on the

targeted plate. Exploding after the

displayed time.

Kills anyone in range of the explosion after it goes off.
Tree 30 Summons a random tree in a random position on the targeted plate. Trees can be burnt from fires,

however, not if it grows after.

Wobble 35 Causes the targeted plate to no

longer be solid and spin from weight.

Bamboo 40 Summons a stem of bamboo on

the targeted plate.

Bamboo is always a random

height (Has a limit on its height) and is climbable.

UFO 50 Summons a UFO from somewhere

in space above the targeted plate.

The ufo beam is always at the

center and the same size.

Spinner 70 Summons a red spinner at the

center of the targeted plate.

Staying in the corner is safer,

as the spinner won't reach.

Hole 80 Causes the center of the targeted

plate to disappear.

Making it possible for moving things/people to fall through the hole.
Meteor 90 Summons a flaming meteor from

the spikes on the targeted plate.

Drift 100 Causes the targeted plate to slowly

drift away and out of the stage.

The plate also slowly fades

causing it to disappear.

Player Disasters:




Catified 1 Gives the targeted player cat ears

and a cat tail.

Discoman 1 Causes all the targeted players

body parts to rapidly change color.

Headstand 3 Flips the targeted player to start

walking with their arms.

Shrink 8 Causes the targeted player to

shrink slightly. (stacks)

Effects jump height and walk


Grow 8 Causes the targeted player to

grow slightly. (stacks)

Effects jump height and walk


Invisible 10 Makes the targeted player


Slow 10 Slows down the targeted players

walkspeed. (stacks)

Hops 13 Makes the targeted player auto

jump every few seconds

DoubleHP 15 Doubles the targeted player's hp.


Taller 15 Makes the targeted player much

taller and skinnier. (stacks)

FixPlayer 25 Resets the targeted player to their

original state.

Clears everything but missing


Smarter 35 Makes the targeted players head

much bigger.

Doesn't affect the player's hitbox.
ForcedFirstPerson 40 Forces the player into a first

person camera.

Teleport 50
RandomGear 80 Gives the targeted player a

random gear.

[See: Gear Pool] Gear Pool also includes Hot Potato
DoubleTeleport 100

Non-Purchasable Disasters:

Other Disasters: Description: Effects:
MiniTown Makes everyone shrink n/a
NormalTown Makes everyone normal if you have had no player disaster happen to your player yet you will shrink a tiny bit
Pillar Creates a pillar on the targetted plates Pillars appears at random place and have same size
Pyramid Creates a pyramid on the targeted plate Pyramid size fits size of the plate
Blackhole Creates a blackhole in random place of play area that grows and sucks plates and players on contact Only disappears after end of round, sucked player is being killed
Nuke Creates on nuke on top of play area that falls down and explodes if contacts with a plate n/a
Rise Rises a targetted plate n/a
Lower Lowers a targetted plate n/a
Rope Attaches a targeted player to the plate with a rope Rope will not allow player to walk far
InfiniteGrowth Makes targeted plate grow by 1 stud/test n/a
Expansion Makes targeted plate grow for a certain amount of studs n/a
InfiniteShrink Makes targeted plate shrink by 1 stud/test n/a
Shrink Makes targeted plate shrink for a certain amount of studs n/a
DoubleEvents Makes targeted plate recive double events If plate recives more than 1 of that disater, it will add up
Wall Creates a wall on a targeted plate Wall height is random and it placed between opposite corners
Present Creates a present in middle of the targeted plate When touched, it will explode with 50% chance or will give a random gear
AGiantRollOfChance Makes a giant dice rolls falls from skies n/a
Forcefield Gives targeted player a forcefield for certain amount of time n/a
RisingLava Lava raises for certain amount of studs n/a
Speedy Speeds up a targeted player n/a
ItsRainingTacos Makes giant tacos fall from skies n/a
RainingBalls Making giant balls fall from skies n/a
RainingBoxes Makes giant boxes fall from skies When box falls, it breaks into many parts
Jail Creates a jail on the targeted plate. n/a
Jail (invisible) Same as regular jail disater except that its completely invisible n/a
Stretch Makes your plate grow up Height are random; sphereical plates transforming into square.
Recipient Increase Increases the amount of recipients for disasters. Ex: (Instead of 2 it'd be 4) Not affects events (every 10th disater)
Controller Creates 4 arrows across the targetted plate. When a player touches it, the plate is moving in the arrow direction.
ChanceButton Creates a button on the targetted plate with a sign: %Good_Disater% OR %Bad_disater% When the plate owner touches button, the plate recives one of disaters marked on the sign (chosen randomly).