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Ghost Spectator is a unique and fun spectator mode in space experiment that allows you to continue playing the game after you have died (Without rewards, of course). The mode can be accessed through a green door labeled "Ghost Spectator" next to the shop. If you just want to spectate the round normally, click the red eye button on the bottom left of your UI (Only works when in the lobby)

Ghosts can take damage and die from (Including but not limited to): cacti, swords, ghost swords, lava, spikes, electric fences, forest fires, zombies, poison tiles and bosses.

Player power ups will not take effect if a player is in ghost mode. Ghosts do not have a plate, and instead spawn next to an alive player.

Ghosts can be disabled through the setting menu on the bottom left (This option toggles your ability to see ghosts- you can still become a ghost if this is disabled).

Ghosts are not affected by player events (I is S-M-R-T, Catified, ect.).

Ghosts also cannot use their lasers during a boss battle, but still take damage from the bosses.