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Gamemodes are a randomly selected factor at the beginning of each match of space experiment. Most of them consist of all of the plates being affected by a plate event at the beginning of the round; however, some do not.

Name Effect on plates
Neighborhood All plates will have a house.
Sudden death All plates are lower than normal.
Swordfight on the heights Plates are much higher than normal. Each plate wobbles. Players are given a sword and tied to their plates.
Large plates Plates are larger than normal.
Teams Players are split into 4 teams; each team gets one plate.
Double Trouble All plates will receive double events.
FFA All players will receive swords.
Egypt All plates will be sand tiles with either pillars, pyramids or cacti.
High sudden death Plates will be much higher than normal; players are in danger of the lowering spikes above them
Zombie Apocalypse All plates will receive a zombie
Cat Nation All players are cats
Bamboo Forest All plates will receive bamboo. Players' animations will change to the Roblox "ninja" animation pack.
Forest All plates will become green and receive a tree.
Only you can prevent forest fires All plates will receive a forest fire block, which burns away any plant material, including but not limited to trees, bamboos, and cacti.
Random Height Plates All plates will be at a random height.
Time bomb terror All plates will receive time bombs.
Crossroads Random plates will bridge to other plates.
Marble Haven All plates will become spheres.
Tag One giant plate. One player will receive a sword and the rest will get gravity coils.
City skyscrapers All plates will be stretched to different heights,
Prison All players will be jailed.
Thunderstorm All plates will recieve a crying cloud.
Gear Haven All players will receive a random gear at the start of the game
Forest All plates will receive trees.
Desert All plates will be sand tiles.
Blizzard All plates will be ice tiles.
Randomly rotated plates Plates are tilted randomly.
Disco fever All plates will be disco. A disco ball will also be hung over the playing field.
Glass haven All plates will be glass.
Medical Mania All plates will be healing tiles.
Space Mountain All plates are now arranged in a mountain form