Space Experiment - Roblox Wiki
Plate Events

Events which change something to do with plates.



Blizzard plates will become a sheet of ice [plate will appear blue and cause players to move with less friction while walking on it]
Centerized plates will move to the center.
Poison plates become a poisonous tile [this deals damage; can be avoided if the player jumps repetitively or stand on top of a pyramid, house or pillar, etc.]
Stretch plates will be stretched (vertically) by a random amount of studs.
Shrink plates will shrink by (#) studs.
Rise plates will rise.
Lower plates will lower by (#) studs
Expansion plates will grow by (#) studs.
Electric Fence plates will be getting a fence. That's a shocker. (the blue parts will deal damage to the player; the black border support pieces will not)
Disco turns plates into disco colors
Fire plates will start a forest fire. [A block of fire that will cause plant life like trees or bamboo on the plate to catch on fire and disappear. Also deals damage if touched]
Bamboo plates are growing bamboo (This is climbable)
Tree plates are using their green thumb and grew a tree (Trees differ in style and size; they are not really climbable but players can manage to get on top of them)
Wall plates will close their borders (Building a brick wall down the middle of the plate. Players can stand on top of this). Wall size will depend on the size of the plate at the time of event and will not change afterwards.
Elevator plates will become an elevator (A plate will rise a certain amount of studs, then lower that amount of studs, or vice versa; after both have happened once this event has no more effect on the plate)
Chance Button plates will receive their chance button (Pressing the button will result in one of two specific events)
The Ultimate Box plates will become a box (Box size depends on size of the plate and will not change afterwards). Box will not be very effective if spawned on a spherical plate.
Glass plates will turn to glass [jumping/moving on glass plates will break them]
Jail plates will be punished... clearly / plates were punished for existing...clearly
Create Plate plates will be created!
Lightning plates will be struck with lighting hotter than the sun.
Grow plates will grow by a random amount of studs.
Tilt plates will become tilted.
Wobble plates will now wobble.
House plates were given a house for free. Wow. (House size depends on size of the plate at time of event and will not change afterwards)
Flip plates will be flipped.
Sticky plates will become sticky.
Merge plates will merge with (name's) plate (if they aren't merging already)
Vanish plates will become invisible.
Desert plates will become a dry desert. [Plates will become sand tiles. This has no effect].
Bridge plates will bridge to a random plate (if plate is in game)
Spike plates will be gifted a spike (deadly).
Lava Pillar plates will bit hit by a lava pillar [usually only affects the surface of the plate, can be avoided by jumping onto another plate or tall structure. The size of the lava pillar is not affected by the size of the plate.]
Rotate plates will be spun.
Pyramid plates will grow a pyramid. (Pyramid size varies on the size of the plate and time of the event and will not change afterward]
Teleporters plates will be given teleporters. [these are slightly glitchy]
First plates will be visited by an alien! aliens will give a plate a random event (the list is more minimal than the regular event list, but the specifics are not known). Aliens can make your plate disco, poisonous, etc.
Fracture plates will be fractured.
Infinite shrinking plates will shrink infinitely. [this growth happens very slowly]
Infinite growth plates will grow infinitely [this growth happens very slowly]
Rain plates will be given a crying cloud. [has no effect except annoying you; you can't get on top of it]
Healing plates will become a medical tile.
Meteor plates will meet extinction from a meteor.
Mines plates will receive a mine [If stepped on, the mine will begin to blink; and detonates after 5 secs, blowing away players and plant life in its vicinity]
Normal plates will be 'normalized', returned to the normal size, shape and rotation with no objects present.
Cactus plates will receive a free cactus, courtesy of John Smith [cactus does damage; dying from it will reward the player a title]
Spherical plates will become a sphere.
Spinner plates decided to add a lava spinner. [dying from this rewards the player a badge]
Zombie plates will receive their very own zombie.
Drift plates will drift off to the horizon.
Double events plates will now have double events. [This is marked by the blackening of the plate with a monochrome aesthetic fire at the center]
Present plates will receive a free present! Hooray! [Green presents will award research, blue presents will award credits, but red presents will explode and kill you].
Shrink Random plates will shrink by a random amount of studs.
Timer Bomb plates will receive a free time bomb. [Starting time values vary unless]
Plate Swap plates will swap with another plate (if there is at least 1 plate).
Half the size plates will shrink in half!
Hole plates will be punctured. [Can be avoided by standing at the corner of the plate]
Grass plates will grow grass. [Goes away by a fire block or if the event "First Contact" happens to the plate]
Loosen plates will loosen. [wobble a little]
Player Events

Events which change something to do with a player

Events Description
Taller players will be... taller.
I is S-M-R-T players will become smarter (head size increases).
Catified players will become a cat (player is given a tail and cat ears. This has no effect on them).
First Person players will be put into forced first person mode.
FOV players will have their field of view changed.
Forcefield players will be given a forcefield for 1-3 minutes
Hops players will come down with a bad case of hops
Shrink players will shrink.
Speedy players will be sped up.
Ink players will be inked (ink blots will cover the screen)!
Invisible players will become a ghost and is now invisible.
Random Gear players will receive their random gear for an Early Christmas.
Teleport players will teleport to a random plate (if plate is in game)
Swap players will switch places with another player.
Discoman players transformed into disco
Handstand players will be joining the circus by doing a handstand (slightly glitchy; can slip you off of a pyramid. Be careful!).
Normalize player players will be normalized! (unless if you loss a limb or are tied to a plate)
Rope players will be tied to their plate
Heavy players will become heavier.
Double HP players will have their HP doubled.
Shorter players will be... well... shorter.
Slowness players will be slowed down.
Slender (removed) Players will look like the "Slenderman" creepypasta and deal damage when touching other players.
Global Events

Events which affect everyone in the server, these events happen every after 10 normal events

Events Description
Closer You get to know the planet.
Low Gravity Gravity will be super low for 15 seconds.
Missiles Missiles will be launching for (#) minutes (These will span just above the yellow caution line, no matter the height of the plates. They will not explode, but they will kill you if you touch them.).
Block Rain Giant cubes will be falling for a few minutes. These can knock you off of your plate.
Ball Rain Giant balls will be falling! These can knock you off of your plate.
Circle All plates will now huddle in a circle.
Coin Rain Credits will be falling for a few minutes.
Delay decrease The time between disasters have been reduced by (#) seconds.
All Rise All plates now rise a random amount of studs.
Double credits Earning credits will now be doubled.
All Fall All plates now lower a random amount of studs.
Earthquake All plates will shake uncontrollably.
Max Recipients Increase The number of recipients for disasters has increased by (#).
Meteor Meteors will be falling for a few minutes. These will kill you.
Rising Lava The lava will rise.
Mini Town All players will shrink! Can happen more than once per round. Player's jump ability is not changed, making it seem as if the player can jump much higher than normal.
Normal Town All players will become... normal. Undoes disco, invisibility, etc; does NOT remove gear from a player's inventory or untie a player from their plate.
Nuke Nuclear launch detected. Prepare for impending doom. (Nuke will fall slowly from the ceiling. If it does not touch a plate as it falls, it will fall into the lava without effect. If it does touch a plate, it will explode and cause a huge, deadly nuclear blast.)
A giant roll of chance A giant die will fall. (This can knock you off of you plate.)
Boss A boss approaches!
Overgrowth All plates will grow by (#) studs.
Black Hole The end. (A growing black hole will suck random plates inside it. It is deadly to the touch.)
Its Raining Tacos From out of the sky! (This can knock you off of your plate.)
Cubix Giant Cubix pieces will ascend from the ground. Players can stand on these.They will rise after every event and are kind of overpowered. Players standing on Cubix are at risk of death by spikes, however. Cubix pieces will stop ascending when they hit the spikes; the spikes will keep lowering, however. Cubix can occur twice in a round, and the second Cubix event will not be affected by whether the previous Cubix has reached the spikes.