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Currently, there are 3 currencies in Space Experiment, research, credits, and tickets.

At the moment only two are able to be used: Credits and Research.


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Credits can be used to buy Crates and Lasers. The icon for Credits is a blue C with lines connecting it to the outer box it is inside, similar to a bitcoin. You gain 5 Credits after every disaster that happens while you are in game.


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Research can be used to buy and upgrade Power-ups or purchase Disasters at Lab Hut. The icon for Research is a green chemical flask with bubbles inside it. You gain 1 research after every event that happens while you are in-game.


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Tickets can be used in the Ticket Shop to buy pets, but with the current version (Version 499) the Ticket Shop hasn't been opened yet. You gain 1 Ticket every 5 minutes you are in a server of Space Experiment. Premium members will gain double the amount of tickets.

(1 event happens every 10 disasters)